MDE offers a variety of talent options to meet the needs of your event. Check out our listing of service offerings and select an option in our form below. Have a specific and unique event? No problem! Send us a note and we would be happy to discuss with you how we can make bring your ideas life and your event a success!


MDE Talent
1 Host, DJ or Auctioneer
2 Hosts, Host + DJ
Host + Auctioneer
Auctioneer + DJ
Full Court Press
2 Hosts + DJ
Host + DJ + Auctioneer
2 Hosts + Auctioneer
MDE Game Show Option 1
1 Game Show Hosts
DJ (in charge of all things sound)
MDE Game Show Option 2
2 Game show hosts. Creates a fun dynamic where hosts are able to play off each other.
DJ (in charge of all things sound)

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