About Mic Drop Entertainment

A team of talented Hosts, DJs and Auctioneers who are passionate about people and having fun

Who We Are

We are a team of talented Hosts, DJ’s and Auctioneers who are passionate about people and passionate about having fun.

Our genuine love for people drives us to deliver only the best in customer service. We take the time to learn about you, your organization and the event you’re planning. Then we assist in the planning process giving you tools and ideas to help ensure success.  Lastly, we use your definition to define a “win” for the event, not ours.

The MDE Difference

You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a Host, DJ or Auctioneer for your event. So what’s the difference when you go with MDE?

> CustomizationNo two events are the same, nor should they be treated as such. We take the time to learn about the vision you have for your event and then customize accordingly to ensure it connects with your specific audience and achieves the intended goal of your event

> TeamYou may only choose one MDE talent to work your event, however you will receive the benefits of hiring a team. At MDE we help make one another better through collaboration and sharing best practices. So when you hire MDE talent you get the combined experience and ideas of seven professionals!

> Peace of Mind – Once you have selected your talent they will connect with you to help plan out your event.  So on the day of your event you can focus on what’s important and have peace of mind knowing MDE will keep things fun, upbeat and on schedule.

> ExperienceWe aren’t the Host that shows up and just reads from a paper or the DJ who presses play on a Spotify playlist. After spending time learning about your vision and what you want from the event we will use that information to create an experience for your guests that they will not soon forget!

> Partnership – We value relationships above everything else. Which is why we seek to build lifetime partnerships with companies.

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